Friday, June 25, 2010


Oh love, you are my dearest,
You're the nearest to my heart
Even though you're so distant
And ever so far apart

You open my eyes to a new world
But in love, you make me blind
In you I lose everything
In you, everything I find

You make me lie awake at nights
And lull me back to sleep
With your eyes you calm my heart
With your eyes you make it leap

You kill me with one look
And bring me alive with another
Your touch makes me so restless
Yet sometimes kills all bother

With you, the moment stops,
With you, time flies by
With you, I am so carefree
And with you, I'm so shy

You're the laughter in my voice
And the teardrop in my eye
The absence and the emptiness
The content and the joy

I smile at the times we spent
Though they also make me cry
To you, till we meet again
I now say goodbye...


Radha said...

P.S. I thought for a long time to come up with a suitable title for this poem, but all I could come up with was 'I am confused', which is pretty much the state of my mind right now :D So if you can think of something, do suggest!!

Manashree said...

very simple, honest n touching...
nice one :)

PRD said...

Two thumbs up!

Ankit Rastogi said...

Nice verse...!!especially loved the lines..
The absence and the emptiness
The content and the joy
So sublime and pure...!! Kudos Ms. Poetess..!!

Aneesh said...

very lovely, true, honest and "straight from the heart" poem........
i too can feel it !! :P

Radha said...

@ Manashree, PRD, Ankit and Aneesh: Thank you Thank you!!

@ Ankit: I'm honoured Mr. Poet!!

Nikhil Daga said...

Kya likhti ho Di!Baki poets ki tog vaat lag jaaegi ..
My vocabulary is too limited to describe your poem.:P
Hats off to you, Radha di !

Silent Blogger said...

very touching, you described everything you feel in love, when the same thing can make you feel good or bad at different times. good insight. keep it up