Sunday, January 30, 2011


So dark and dreary was my path,
My heart's still full of fears..
Just trying to think about them,
Makes way for more tears..
So dont try to understand me Ma,
Don't try to reason why..
Tonight don't ask me why mamma,
Tonight just let me cry..

What shall I tell you Ma,
Of the suffering and the sorrow..
The regret of yesterday,
And the fear of tomorrow..
But now I'm safe at home Ma,
I've said all my goodbyes..
And tonight I'll just cry mamma,
Tonight don't ask me why..

Although now I'm home Ma,
And all around me is laughter..
My heart feels this is a calm..
Before the storm, not after..
Will this calm ever stay Ma?
Will this storm ever die?
I'm scared, don't ask me why mamma..
all I want to do is cry..

Soon I will be out again Ma..
And life out there is rough
Inside I'm still your kid Ma,
Though I pretend to be all tough
Things will be tougher this time Ma,
But my tears have  now gone dry
I'm scared but I'll stand tall Mamma,
This time, I don't wanna cry..


Anonymous said...

Nice poem! Reminds me of "Mama, I'm coming home" by Ozzy :P

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and profound yet simple. Beautiful.. I guess coming from you its not all that unexpected even after all your useless banter about not understanding poets.

Radha said...

@ Anon and Anon: Thanks!
@ Anon 2: I'm trying and improving :D

Just a complaint: why praise anonymously! I'm used to anonymous criticisms, but I love being praised :D