Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like Poles

Opposites Attract, goes a well known modern proverb. This one is widely used among youngsters to describe some pairs of people belonging to opposite sexes in various stages of relationship (friendship, friendship tending to love, timepass, love, love tending to marriage, etc.). People generally say this when the guy and girl in question have seemingly opposite characteristics. Typically the girl is chirpy, the guy is silent; the girl is short-tempered, the guy is cool; the girl is an artist, the guy is a nerd... many such combinations. Then Science steps in to support them, and the theory is established. Opposites attract.

But I beg to differ. Somehow, it doesn't fit. I mean, imagine this conversation (Assume the guy to be trying to attract the girl):

Guy: Hey, wassup? what plans for tonight?
Girl: Well, all my friends are hardcore FIFA followers, they all are gonna watch the match. And I hate football, so presently, no plans :|
Guy: You hate football?! Hey, guess what? I looove football! Wow, we are already opposites :D Shouldn't we be attracted?

Not at all attractive :-P

A better conversation would be:
Guy: Hey! I hate football too! So what say, we sit and talk over a cuppa where there's no noise of the fans shouting?
Girl: Sure! I love Back-IC, its generally very silent. What do you think?
Guy: Back-IC is one of my favourites! So, 4.30? 
Girl: Cool!


Personally, I believe that atleast in the initial stages of a relationship, the stage when the attraction starts, the similarities attract. How cool is it, to discover that the beautiful girl you steal glances at, is an atheist, just like you? Or the cute guy you had a crush on, loves peaceful places, just like you do? Perhaps, a little more down the relationship lane, you start to like the opposites, and therein comes the second part of my theory: Opposites keep the attraction intact. They kinda act as a glue between  the similar particles held together by attractive forces.

So concluding this theory, Likes attract and Opposites keep together! After all, scientifically speaking, the universe is governed by a force that speaks of small attraction between similar particles, and not by the huge force of attraction between the opposites!


Anonymous said...

"How cool is it, to discover that the beautiful girl you steal glances at, is an atheist, just like you? " Oh my God that would be such a divine intervention! :) Atheism \m/

Ankit Rastogi said...

'Assume the guy to be trying to attract the girl, ob' - I dunno which world u inhabit, but in the real world atleast in the 21 century, the "ob" is not so obvious anymore.
I totally agree with the theory in general especially the reasoning ms. chemist.

Radha said...

@ Ankit: I, of all people, would know that very well. the 'ob' was meant to be funny. but i guess that particular word will keep on becoming the target, so would rather remove it.

@ Anon: I didn't understand your comment :| nor the tone of it.

Chiti said...

nice post dear :)

kapil said...

Awesome Post...The "concluding para" especially!

Anviksha said...

awessum :) sooo true !!

Silent Blogger said...

i wish you could write more on this

Anonymous said...

@Radha : Your line "How cool is it, to discover that the beautiful girl you steal glances at, is an atheist, just like you? " is interesting.
That's all.
Normally people don't talk about Atheists when they are talking about love etc. :P

Pratiksha said...

Totally agree!!

Though, differences are important in a relationship, similarities are what that bring people close enough to stand each other's differences.

In all, a very nice post!! Keep updating

Radha said...

@ chiti, kapil, anviksha, pratiksha: thanks!

@ Silent Blogger: I dont have any new ideas to add presently, I can only elaborate this one. I leave that to your imagination :)

@ Anon: thanks! i get it now :P

Anonymous said...

Sure! Keep writing :)

Harshad said...

Loved the last section; the rest content seemed obvious though written very well.

Ram said...

I have to disagree, A sense of mystery is almost always necessary for a good relationship.... i know its unorthodox.... but its true... people might get attracted occasionally to ppl just like themselves.... and it might seem easier too. but truth is if the person is just like u, u know almost everything about them.... without the sense of suspense and mystery few relationships survive.... dats y relationships with an opposite usually works better dan expected.... u cant anticipate the other persons reaction..... it keeps the spark alive!!

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